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30 Day Romanov Challenge - Day 2 : Favourite Residence.

The Alexander Palace and The Lower Dacha (I couldn’t choose one, and I also love Livadia, Peterhof, Anichkov, Pavlovsk, Gatchina in conclusion I don’t really have a favourite residence ^^ )

The Alexander Palace was commissioned by Catherine the Great for her favorite grandson, Grand Duke Alexander Pavlovich, the future emperor Alexander I of Russia on the occasion of his marriage to Grand Duchess Elizaveeta Alexeevna, born Princess Luise Marie Augusta of Baden. The Neoclassical edifice was planned by Giacomo Quarenghi and built between 1792 and 1796. The Alexander Palace is situated in the Alexander Park, not far from the larger Catherine Palace. It is known as the favourite residence of the last Russian Emperor, Nicholas II, and his family. (X)

The lower Dacha was also a favorite home of the last Emperor of Russia and his family. It was built on orders of Alexander III  for Nicholas in1883-85 by architect Tomishko in the Italian Renaissance style, in 1896 Nicholas II had it extensively expanded.

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I is for Duchess Marie Gabrielle of Bavaria
  • Born: October 9th, 1878
  • Father: Duke Karl-Theodor of Bavaria
  • Mother: Infanta Maria Josepha of Portugal
  • Married: Crown Prince Rupprecht of Bavaria (who married her cousin Princess Antonia of Luxembourg after her death)
  • Children: Luitpold, Irmingard, Albrecht, Rudolf (only Albrecht survived childhood)
  • Died: October 24th, 1912

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H is for Princess Hilda of Luxembourg
  • Born: February 15th, 1897
  • Father: Grand Duke William IV of Luxembourg
  • Mother: Infanta Marie Anne of Portugal
  • Married: Adolf, 10th Fürst zu Schwarzenberg
  • Children: no children
  • Died: September 8th, 1979

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F is for Adolf Schwarzenberg
  • Born: August 18th, 1890
  • Father: Johann Schwarzenberg
  • Mother: Therese Trauttmansdorff-Weinsberg
  • Married: Princess Hilda of Luxembourg
  • Children: no children
  • Died: February 27th, 1950

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E is for Prince Ernst Heinrich of Saxony
  • Born: December 9th, 1896
  • Father: King Frederick Augustus III of Saxony
  • Mother: Archduchess Louise of Austria, Princess of Tuscany
  • Married: Princess Sophie of Luxembourg, Virginia Dulon
  • Children: Dedo (1922-2009), Timo (1923-1982), Gero (1925-2003)
  • Died: June 14th, 1971

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D is for Grand Duke Adolphe of Luxembourg
  • Born: July 24th, 1817
  • Father: Wilhelm, Duke of Nassau
  • Mother: Princess Louise Saxe-Hildburghausen
  • Married: Grand Duchess Elizabeth Mikhailovna of Russia, Princess Adelheid Marie of Anhalt-Dessau
  • Children: William (Grand Duke William IV of Luxembourg, 1852-1912), Friedrich (1854-1855), Marie (Nov-Dec 1857), Franz (1859-1875), Hilda (later Grand Duchess of Baden, 1864-1952)
  • Died: November 17th, 1905

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