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Krancenblum: Georges, Regine (age 10)

Associated City: Paris, France

This website is pretty much amazing: (This is the second post I’ve found on here! The Arama family is mentioned on there too) Unfortunate for me, its in French. Google Translate saves the day again, alas its still a bit hard to follow.

Here’s what I’ve gathered:

George and Regine were hidden by a network run by Marcel Moussa Abadi and Odette Rosenstock. Abadi and Rosenstock ran the main Jewish rescue “circuit” in France with the help of the Bishop of Nice (Paul Remond), Pastor Evrard, and Rev Paul Gagneir. Together from 1943 to 1945, they saved 527 Jewish children. At the end of the article it simply states that “they are hidden under the name of fox”. The French sentence is Ils sont cachés sous le nom de “Renard”. I’m guessing this means that while they were in hiding, their last name was changed to Renard? Can anyone confirm or deny this? I don’t speak French.

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